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Stickers In Stock - Stick'em up!

About Katie's D'Ecals

Your Statement CAN Stick!

We've always loved stickers! By we, I mean as a child with my siblings. As an adolescent with friends. As a mother, sharing the fun of stickers with the kids. And now, as a printer, working with folks like you and with creatives or those that have a message to tell, or anything that ought to be seen. It's amazing how much impact a slogan, a logo, or a few words can really have. Let's choose wisely the message we want to spread, and stick em up for the world to see! Whether you're sticking them to your car window, a phone pole, or sticking them directly to "the man" I'd love to be the one that helps you do just that. Spread the word by sticking the word!

- @Katie_DE


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